The igbos are popularly known for their business oriented psychology and dominance in business affairs all over the globe.

The igbos hold a predigree in business, manufacturing, industries, education and entertainment sector.

Their diligence and determination in affluence and in nothing is a great force to reckon with.

During the civil war which lasted for 30 months; The Igbos didn’t only lose their lives but also lost their great amassed wealth.
Losing over 5 million Igbos was not easy to start all over and triumph over all other business tycoons.

The igbo apprenticeship system popularly known as IGBA-BOI started after the war. This served as a reinforcement to help one another after way.

As a result of the war some businesses crashed and the apprenticeship system was a solution to help one another and bounce back on their feet.

Sitting with a graduate of the system; he affirmed to me saying “the igba-boi system is the easiest way to achieve what maybe difficult and you can learn about a business effortlessly and still get capital to startup for yourself”.

Going for the apprenticeship system one doesn’t only learn the concept and techniques of buying and selling one also gets connection while in the service.

He also added that one can begin their own startup even without getting capital after the years of the apprenticeship program.


When speaking about business, Igbos are the first that comes to mind. The Igbos are second to none because they see only opportunity in places where others see nothing.

Over the years the apprenticeship system has liberated millions of youth out of poverty and families they emerged from.

Igbos trade business over the globe from Asia to Europe and the entire universe.

The igba-boi apprenticeship system can be definition as a program in which youths are trained on business skills acquisition over five(5) or six(6) years period and given capital as settlement and enable them startup their own businesses.

This incorporates rendering business services and domestic services to your boss like fetching water for home use, cleaning and washing cars etc.

This maybe difficult for some apprentice but this is a way to inculcate discipline, humility and patience to the apprentice throughout the program.

A trainee undergoing the program responded to a chat with him and said he does all the domestic work in the house and still carry out the buying and selling techniques in the business.

He also confirmed that most colleague he started the training with dropped out because of some treatment they get and could no longer cope with those treatment.


This apprenticeship practice has alleviated so many igbo youths out of poverty because they get funding immediately they are settled after graduating from the scheme.

With the skills they have gotten from learning various techniques and getting connected with business partners and customers.

They engage in business forcasting and hence make great profits over the years to come.

So they turn out to become millionaires in no time.


Harvard business school, America has added the igbo apprenticeship system Aka Igba-boi into their curriculum so their students can study this practice as a course.

This has gradually been implemented into many organisations as a powerful system to build wealth through the ages to come.

Thus this practice will stand the test of time if only you indulge great patience.
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This practice has gone almost extinction because the present youth only a quicker means of generating wealth.

Due to online social standards, patience means nothing for the common man.

Making fast money has become a daily trend and alot of youths has missed it.

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If only individuals or government can build institutions where skills are acquired and entrepreneurial skills implemented in our school curriculum.

When youths acquired skills then will there be less social vices in their various communities.

I know you’ve learnt so much about the Igbo apprenticeship practice(igba-boi).

Tell me what you think below👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇

Okechukwu Gabriel

Okechukwu Gabriel
Author: Okechukwu Gabriel

Smart and intelligent personality. Active listener and great learning skills.

Okechukwu Gabriel

Smart and intelligent personality. Active listener and great learning skills.

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