Benefits of poverty


In this post i just made some mind blowing facts about the Benefits of poverty, sounds crazy right? Yeah but worth your time.

I know most of us have a general dislike about poverty and so much hate it with passion.

But here are benefits of poverty which we overlook most times.

Sleep: poverty helps one to sleep better
But when an individual hits it big and stumble on 1million in their account, sleep leaves their eyes.

Sleeping at night becomes a big problem, your head now works like clock, you head is now flowing like electricity nonstop.

Benefits of poverty

Reduced social activity: once you get rich hanging out becomes a problem due to fear of being kidnapped, but when you’re poor you walk like you don’t care, you move without fears of attack.
Getting rich makes one live in isolation, you start exercising your worth and demanding for value.

Getting rich reduces and restricts your movement, places you visit, who you visit, where you’re seen and events you attend etc.
Most especially you don’t want to be seen around.
You would stop boarding public buses, all you ride now is your car.

More responsibility comes with being rich: people starts expecting financial help and otherwise.

And you get criticized if you don’t deliver as expected. People expect you to do giveaway, share gifts and help the masses.

Getting rich makes things hard for you because you’re expected to be at a specific standard of living.

you’re expected to wear costly brands ranging from clothing to jewelleries, accessory and even car brands and models.

Even your loved ones are expected to be on the same standards, which makes you wanting to deliver heavily on show offs.
Being poor takes away all of this burden.

You spend heavily on skincare products trying to show evidence of good living and good skin.

You are necessary not expected to focus on this if you were in poverty.

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You now need the best of bath soap, best cream, best lotion and their likes.

Poverty makes one overlook alot of things, which you don’t care if they exist.

In Poverty you get to know who really loves you and want to be with you and not on financial benefit that comes around it.
True love is found when you’re poor, when you’re rich you trust less cos you don’t know who wants you dead the next minute.

When you’re rich you may never find out, they all wanna take from you and leave immediately you’re broke, but brings out everyone true self when you’re poor.

On the good side, poverty helps you think about how to be rich and makes you maximum your full potential.

You fight all hunger and foster to get rich only poverty helps you do that.

Learn to embrace poverty it makes dark things shine.

Poverty makes you shine, embrace it😆😆

Exercise: when you’re in poverty, you don’t exercise cos you eat less than the rich, but ‘cos of over eating the rich becomes fatty and is now out of shape, their physique look terrible.
They now exercise their body like they’re going to die soon.

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Poverty is good cos if you were stuck in traffic, you would alight from the public bus and you keep moving.

But if you’re rich, you would be in traffic till it gets going, making you late to your job and you might lose a contract in most cases, so you see? 🤷 There’s much benefits of poverty and you should try and be poor. What do you think about this? Drop your option below and don’t forget to share

Okechukwu Gabriel

Okechukwu Gabriel
Author: Okechukwu Gabriel

Smart and intelligent personality. Active listener and great learning skills.

Okechukwu Gabriel

Smart and intelligent personality. Active listener and great learning skills.

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