A REVIEW ON IGBO APPRENTICESHIP SYSTEM: The igbos are popularly known for their business oriented psychology and dominance in business affairs all over the globe. The igbos hold a predigree in business, manufacturing, industries, education and entertainment sector. Their diligence and determination in affluence and in nothing is a great […]

How To Start A Business Making money is the original idea of starting a business. Every individual who’s ambition is setting a business place or enterprise want to get income from it. Business is a big income making venture. It can be owned solely or in partnership with large number […]

How To Become A Millionaire’ “Profit is the aim of every business man”. we were taught so while growing up. You need to sell something to make money. Yes, some would sell their skill, some sell labour, others sell product and service, some also invest money over a period of […]


How do I name a business? Most new entrepreneurs don’t think about their business name too much but it’s a big deal. Choosing the right name for your business is as crucial as naming your newborn. Just like how an awkward name can make your child’s life unnecessarily complicated, a […]