How to attract women Women love to be accosted and they enjoy being flattered with compliments. That’s a lie! You can’t attract women with such attitude rather you will be seen as a needy individual. Women love men who express the alpha attitude. You’ve to possess a lot of vibes […]

How to be the best dad Dads are a great deal in a child’s life. Dads help shape the life of their kids. A kid whom grow with the presence of their father will be in the best shape of the mind. Dads help inculcate spiritual, moral and cultural values […]

Benefits of cheating Cheating is the new oil in town, we’ve all tried cheating or attempting to cheat now or later. Yes, it is overrated at some point and underrated more often. Lies they’ve told you, you will find out soon. You want to know how it feels like cheating […]