CAN A CATHOLIC VALIDLY MARRY A NON-CATHOLIC?   Please this article is exposed for discussion if reasons be, you can equally Email me for discussion.   News has broken that the British Prime Minister (PM) Mr. Boris Johnson yesterday at our Cathedral Church of Westminster married his girlfriend Carrie […]

How to quit an addiction Are you suffering from an addiction and you want to quit so badly, then this is for you. We are all addicted to one thing or another its either drug, masturbation, alcohol or bad vibe. Addiction is a mental disorder which we can’t control or […]

How to mend a broken heart We’ve all had our heart broken once, twice or more in our lifetime. Its really hard to move on. Some even commit suicide over a heartbreak. Don’t! I am here to help you get over your heart break cos I’ve been there too. Just […]

In this post i just made some mind blowing facts about the Benefits of poverty, sounds crazy right? Yeah but worth your time. I know most of us have a general dislike about poverty and so much hate it with passion. But here are benefits of poverty which we overlook […]