Charles and Vanessa love story(CONTD).

Charles and Vanessa love story (CONTD).

After a night of so much fun with Vanessa, Charles vowed to never love another woman.

Charles was on the phone with Emeka telling him how he loved vanessa so much that he won’t leave her for any other woman and talking about the next club they will partying later that day.

After the call dropped, Charles called Vanessa but her phone was not connecting.

It was a Friday; the usual party day in Lagos city where clubs, bars and hotel are filled to its brim.

Charles and Emeka were in a club at around 9pm. Charles was feeling so bad cos Vanessa’s phone was unreachable.

After several bottles of a premium lager, they decided to check out girls to keep the spirit going.

Charles walked up to this hot chick whose cleavage were barely covered, she was hot and spicy and she was giving him all of her attention, she told charles her name, Shuga; she said!

He sweet mouthed her and asked her to join them at their table, she declined but Charles insisted; till she finally agreed.

Charles asked the waiter to get her order. She ordered a drink and chicken while they continued gisting about lifestyle and getting to know each other though the music was loud every talk felt good.

Emeka had gone to check out too and got a chick as well but on seeing that Charles had taken the table he sought for another one.

When the waiter served Shuga her order, Charles requested for a bottle of lager. As the chattering and laughter continued, Shuga munched the delicious chicken.

When she finished eating, Charles looked into eyes and told her she was beautiful and she replied with smile on her face saying thank you! Charles dropped a kiss on her lips.

The atmosphere became lit, the sensation became different and sweeter than it was before.

She was drooling, Charles asked to take her to his place. They left the club to his house.

When they got home, they were kissing passionately on the couch, everywhere was hitting up, he fondled her b**bs and squeezed her a*s.

Then he took her sleeveless gown and bra sucking the life out of n!pples while squeezing her b**bs; she was moaning loudly, arrrrrh, omg.

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After that he took off her pant and wanted to s*ck her puss!y but sharply declined, she was wet already so she said she wants to suck his di!ck instead.

She pulled down his trousers and pulled his boxers seeing his di!ck erect she puts it in her mouth and sucked like a pro.

After giving him so much pleasure, she asked him to bang her brains out.

Charles never delays on an opportunity like this. He started by thrusting in and out of her pu**y then banging firing like a piston on combustion stage.

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She was squ*rting all over his di!ck cos every moment was enjoyed.

Then suddenly there was a knock on the door.

Guess who?


Okechukwu Gabriel

Okechukwu Gabriel
Author: Okechukwu Gabriel

Smart and intelligent personality. Active listener and great learning skills.

Okechukwu Gabriel

Smart and intelligent personality. Active listener and great learning skills.

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