How to attract women


How to attract women

Women love to be accosted and they enjoy being flattered with compliments. That’s a lie! You can’t attract women with such attitude rather you will be seen as a needy individual.

Women love men who express the alpha attitude. You’ve to possess a lot of vibes and energy to attract women. Let your value and personality create the attraction.

Men who are of high value attract women to themselves. Men of worth, men who chase their dreams and ambition are the type of men that attract women easily.

Understanding a woman with emotions with leave you in drail. You need to learn game. Game theory will keep you where emotions will not.

Women enjoy being with the winner than the loser. When you chase after women you lose them, but when you pursue your goals women will chase after you.

All you’ve to do is pursue your dreams and ambitions and women will add at the top.


learning to attract women is every man’s second nature; though it doesn’t work for many so they ended trying to be nice so get validated.

But the psychology of a woman was not designed like that. She enjoys being around winners not nicer people trying to please her.

You have to dress manly: this is a killer. You’ve to appear with nice fashion tastes and good shoes. Remember, your shoes are the first notice about you. Wear good body sprays and perfumes.

Women love men who don’t change who they are for a women at any change. Its unattractive to break your rules or principles for a woman. She will blame you for not providing for lunch even after hanging out with her on your time.

Don’t rush your words as a man: when you talk as man you should be speaking with confidence and making it clear for your audience. This is a killer monster; when you speak slowly with clearly it stirs attraction out of the blues.

Never you let your emotions overpower you: its unattractive to let your emotions drive you crazy. You know women love to play the emotion game that’s where you put in the logical game. In essence I mean when she tries crying asking you to do something you never budgeted or out of your plan, it’s your duty as a man to retort and say its not in my plan, though it may feel unusual but deep down she respects you for that.

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Women love men to be in control: a woman will always let her man take control of things. Being in control means stating when the next hangout will be and where. She will always respect that. You’re a man navigate the relationship or union in your own drive.

Make sure you don’t have less option: women are attracted to men who they know have plenty choices. When she knows that even without you can get plenty women other than she wouldn’t want to lose you. Have more options to choose from. Its a great vibe.

Now you can attract as many women as possible.

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Okechukwu Gabriel

Okechukwu Gabriel
Author: Okechukwu Gabriel

Smart and intelligent personality. Active listener and great learning skills.

Okechukwu Gabriel

Smart and intelligent personality. Active listener and great learning skills.

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