How to be a man every lady wants


How to be the man every lady wants.


On this article i will be hinting on easy steps on getting any girl you want and get laid as well.

Getting a girl these days seems more of a tug of war.

The science of getting a girl has radically improved over the decade, so one really need to up their game to be counted worthy of a potential mate.

To win a girls’ heart you need to own your game real tight. Yes, you read that, own your sh*t together.

Girls or women want to be around a man not a boy.

Personally i am 23 and dating a 26 old lady. How could i do that cos i bring the man game up all the time.

I raise the bar cos i own the game, i am incharge, so bro, you need to be incharge.

Now let’s get there, follow me like you mean it.

1. A girl or a woman want a man who is always in control, women really don’t know what to do, they want someone to tell them what to do, if this goes the other way round then you’ve become a boy in her eyes.

Women want a man who tells them things like; go there, don’t do that, do this.

2. Never be the nice guy: when you’re around women don’t change who you’re, it gives a wrong signal which shows you’re boy.

Men don’t change who they’re to get a woman, they’re real in their dealing.
They show maximum kingship, a king doesn’t take order rather he gives order.


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Doing all she says will reduce her respect and the value she has for you. So its important you maintain your frame, she liked you the first time you approved her. Once you let down the person you’re, then you’ve lost her already.

3. Never act needy: the main stream media, pose to tell men to worship women, but a woman won’t like to be around such man.

I know you listen to alot of love songs, talking about women making them look like they’re gods.

Any moment you start chanting praises on her; on how she’s the best thing in your life and how you can’t live without her.
You become her subject, she will see you as one who is needy.

She wants you to be a man, not a boy who begs for love and attention. Learn game, never tell her you missed her, rather you can flip the game and tell her you know she’s missed you.

4. Never be ashamed to express your sexuality: though women may never tell you this, they love men who express their sexuality than those who are shy or scared to exercise their sexual prowess.

You need not to be ashamed to sexualise a woman. They want you to be the man, be in control spank; her as*, talk sexiness into her heads. Make her want you, she likes all the naughtiness you can deliver to her.

5. Women like men who they have to continual seek approval from. For this reason you will have to be ahead of your game. Women enjoy being around a man every lady wants to be with. You need continual try flirtin with other ladies; this will make your woman up their game to fit in to your frame.

6. You’re a man not a boy, dress manly so you can get attracted to women. This is an important factor to up your game. Women want to seen around men not boys, let your dressing make you stand out.

Always remember to keep your game together. You will never regret this.

Try out all these points and watch how she will fall for you.

Okechukwu Gabriel

Okechukwu Gabriel
Author: Okechukwu Gabriel

Smart and intelligent personality. Active listener and great learning skills.

Okechukwu Gabriel

Smart and intelligent personality. Active listener and great learning skills.

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