How to be the best dad


How to be the best dad

Dads are a great deal in a child’s life. Dads help shape the life of their kids. A kid whom grow with the presence of their father will be in the best shape of the mind.

Dads help inculcate spiritual, moral and cultural values in their kids. A kid will always reminisce on the words of their father. This is why dads shouldn’t stay far away from their family.

I know your wife just got delivered of a new born baby, and you’re worried on how to become a great dad.

Relax, this is your first time, its continuous and its never stopping. There’s always a first time. but don’t give up on this great calling.

On becoming a great dad, you should always carry your kids at heart. By this act you love your children passionately.

Let me take you on the journey on becoming a great dad.

Love is a great deal in becoming a dad, your kids need a loving daddy, they learn what love is, as you purchase gifts for them, showing affection by kissing their forehead, bathing them and inquire how they are feeling. This insures them on how much you love them.

How you treat their mom tells so much about how caring and affectionate you’re, by doing so, they learn how to care about their siblings or friends when they grow up.

You should teach them new things, learning new things for your kids maybe difficult but as a loving and patient father you help them through the process of acquiring new information.

You need to sing for your kids, songs are easy ways to make kids remember things often, once you compose songs for them, they can remember the lesson without having troubles. Kids brain can learn faster when you use mnemonic method of teaching i.e words and images.

Always endeavour your kids can get to you without hindrance, they can express themselves even at the sight of discomfort or danger.

Dads are great shaping tool, teach your kids where they’re from, this boosts their self esteem and confidence. When you help them do their assignment, it makes always draw close to you; doing this makes you become a great dad for your kids.

Teach your kids to pray the lords prayer. And let them know the values and moral of their ancestors, they will have sense of belonging. You’re preparing their minds to take on the world.

Dads who have communication ties with their kids will be a great dad than one who doesn’t communicate with his kids. Kids love communication; they also want to talk about all that is going on in their little minds, you’ve got to be there to avoid them saying it to the wrong ears.

Sometimes, it is adviseable you take your kids out to play, kids love play and games, never shield them from that. It is what their young blood need. You have to supervise the game they get into. Doing this, will make your kids be in the best shape of who you want them to be.

Remember, get in to the duty of being a great dad; your kids need you, don’t let someone else take that position. Nobody deserve it except you.

Take this step and you’re on your way on becoming a great dad.

Welcome to the great dads club.
Dads for life

Okechukwu Gabriel

Okechukwu Gabriel
Author: Okechukwu Gabriel

Smart and intelligent personality. Active listener and great learning skills.

Okechukwu Gabriel

Smart and intelligent personality. Active listener and great learning skills.

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