How to mend a broken heart


How to mend a broken heart

We’ve all had our heart broken once, twice or more in our lifetime. Its really hard to move on. Some even commit suicide over a heartbreak. Don’t!

I am here to help you get over your heart break cos I’ve been there too. Just follow my steps below and you will feel better soon.

Heartbreaks have a way of scattering our emotions and lives. Your productive rate tends to drop way below average. You cry all night long and you blame yourself. The brain treats rejection as a physical pain, and when we remember the memories we share with this special someone we get hurt the more.

Though its hard to get over with few steps below you will get over the hurt in no time.

1. Acceptance: you have to accept that you’re no longer with this special someone. This is quite hard to get over it. But its a specific step in getting over the emotional trauma. Accept they’re gone and get them out of your head.

2. You need to cool off: music is great way to get things out of your head. You should start listening to great songs that will soothe the pain and help you get over it. Drink more water; it will help you become more relaxed.

3. You need to believe: you should never stop believing that you will find love again. This way you will see through the darkness and sorrows. Start believing you will get another love, the very best for you. Believe there is love out there for you.

4. You have to be social: isolation will cause you a great amount of pain and drain you emotionally. You have to start going to social events to chill out. Meeting new people according to research can increase your chances of getting a new lover. Attend birthday parties, decent clubhouse. Why not, you might get a new lover.

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5. Dancing: dancing to songs can greatly increase your mood and make you feel better through this bad days you’re going through. Dance like nobody is seeing you. Its a great antidote to detoxify the emotional trauma. Yes, get up and down now. You don’t know what you’re missing.

6. Learning a new skill: try learning a new skill, this goes a long way to help you forget the pains you’re going through, improving oneself is good way to make one regain their value and make them build their self esteem. Skills like learning a musical instrument like guitar or piano. Learning to sing too or start writing too.

7. Self esteem: look into the mirror and talk to yourself, believe in yourself, this can go a long way to build your self esteem. Heart breaks scatter things and your self esteem is number one, you feel rejected and less of yourself. Don’t!

I know these steps will help you become a better someone and make the pain you’re going through become less for you.

Follow them religiously and you will feel better real soon.

Console your friends or siblings going through heart break and share this to them.

Okechukwu Gabriel

Okechukwu Gabriel
Author: Okechukwu Gabriel

Smart and intelligent personality. Active listener and great learning skills.

Okechukwu Gabriel

Smart and intelligent personality. Active listener and great learning skills.

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