Signs to know you’re in love


Signs to know you’re in love

Love is a beautiful thing, we always want to know if we’re loved by someone or in love with someone.

Love makes us forget about our own self. We only think about that special someone and care about them without being asked. We show them how much we care and how we want to see them happy always.

You seek to know the signs of being in love, then you shall find!

Follow me on this ride as we journey together into the signs of being in love:

Have you started having deep affection for someone?, then you will realise showing other people happiness is all joy for you.

  •          Signs of being in love:

you think about this person all day long:

when all your thought is of the special person then you’re in love, though; its hard to say but its true.

Love makes you forget about your own self. All you get is butterflies in your stomach at a single thought of them.

Communication is key player in love:

you always want to hear their voice, when you always want to text them, when you await their reply passionately. Then I will tell you honestly that you’re in love. When you always want to talk with this special person you might just be in love.

you see them around and you just smile at a single sight of them:

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Love makes us do unimaginable things. When you’re love with someone your brain release a chemical which makes you think about the wellbeing of this person all the time.

You always want to hang out with them, its a clear indication that you’re in love.

you gift them present even without them asking, you deliver presents at their doorstep, you are inculcating love messages physically.

you went to be with them every moment:

When all the time you spend with them is a special moment. This denotes you’re in love, love signs cannot be hidden. The airways indicate all the signs. Even the blind can see them clearly.

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you’re shy and speechless around that special someone. You hardly say much, you don’t want to see how intelligent they’re, love covers all things. When you’re in love you hardly see the blemish of that special someone.

you crave for the touch, you want to be held in their arms, you want their cuddle, kiss and hugs. Then you’re in love.

Physical touch binds people together. It enable trust and love. It indicates they’re caring in nature. Touch some more!

Want to see them everyday: a day without them on sight, it feels like a whole year. When you don’t see them you miss them special, they will never leave your mind. It suddenly feels like you’re losing your mind.

Its not your fault; you’re in love.

This can last a whole year because love makes us do crazy things, which we can never explain why.

You’re not going insane its your brain chemistry and hormones getting manipulated, enjoy the reactions while it last.

This identifies how healthy you’re, love is a beautiful reaction we get and show from time to time.

These signs sure will help you identify you’re in love, look at you smiling already thinking of that special someone.

Love is beautiful!

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Okechukwu Gabriel

Okechukwu Gabriel
Author: Okechukwu Gabriel

Smart and intelligent personality. Active listener and great learning skills.

Okechukwu Gabriel

Smart and intelligent personality. Active listener and great learning skills.

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