Terms And Conditions

Below Are Our Terms And Conditions

[I]. You Must Never Copy And Paste

  • Accounts/authors found copy and pasting automatically violates our terms/policy and shall be suspended
    • the author’s account will be emptied leaving zero ($) in it (wallet).
    • suspended account will remain temporarily suspended for thirty (30) days and after that the account (author) will be free to start publishing again.

[II]. You Must Never Publish Pornographic Contents

  • Accounts/authors found publishing pornographic contents will be permanently suspended
    • when you’re permanently suspended your account will be disabled and all funds in your wallet will be gone including pending payouts.
    • your ip will be blacklisted on our platform

[III]. You Must Never Publish Duplicate Contents

  • Accounts/authors found publishing duplicate contents will be penalized
    • your penalty will be deduction of $5 from your wallet

[IV]. You Must Never Spam Or Delete Anything

  • any account/author found spamming or deleting contents will be suspended and penalized. find below your penalty and suspension summary
    1. you will be suspended for two weeks
    2. you will be penalized $5
    3. you won’t be able to publish
    4. your previous pending posts will remain pending
    5. your payouts will be slashed into two.

[V]. You Must Use Your Legal Names

  • you must use your legal names that match your bank account details to sign up and same email of your paypal account
  • account/authors that request for withdrawal and our finance team finds out that such account/author violated our [term V] (1) of this terms and conditions will not be paid.

[VI]. Our Payment Threshold

  • our payment threshold is ($20)
    • you should never request for withdrawal until your wallet balance reach our payment threshold
    • any withdrawal request below our payment threshold will be ignored.

[VII]. Post Submission And Payments

  • be sure to maintain one email address and a valid email address you used to sign up on our platform when you join this platform whenever you want to submit post
    • any author that fails to maintain one email and names will risk loosing funds supposed to be sent to wallet because our system calculates quality of your contents and payout to your wallet
    • our payouts are every second day of a month
    • withdrawal requests are reviewed every 24hours daily and processing takes 30minutes to 6hours depending on number of requests on queue
    • you should try making posts of over 200 meaningful words per post and add your previously published article link to your post to help you boast your content quality, click here to learn how to add internal link to blog post
    • do not upload watermarked images
    • do not upload images with any link tag or write-up
    • do not copy from any other website and paste here
    • do not upload any pornographic images
    • do not submit bank details different from your legal name
    • do not attempt to defraud us
    • do not play smart by violating our terms and conditions
    • do not hesitate to use the “Get Support” tab on your author dashboard if you need any help or encounter any errors
    • if our abuse team discover you frequently violate our terms we will lay you off (ban you) and blacklist your IP to stop you from accessing our platform (website).

above are our terms and conditions, please respect our rules to avoid disruption to your account/wallet.

Thank you for choosing InflowChainPost