The love story of Charles and Venessa


The love story of Charles and Venessa(Ep1)

The beginning

On that fateful friday, i went out to get some provision, since i ran out of stock.
As i was about to pick a toothpaste. This chic walked into the Ikeja mall, Lagos. It was 5pm in the evening, the weather was breezy and cool.

She wore this black gown with a red wedge shoe.

Her beauty was sparky, almost blinding my eyes and feelings too
Being a man in his late 20s, i looked at this chic with a seducing countenance, made her notice my presence almost instantly as she walked in.
Hello I am charles, i said, smiling looking into her eyes. Stretching forth a hand
I am Vanessa, she said.

I complimented her black dress, with a great smile she said ‘thank you’.
For formality, i asked if she stayed around town.

She answered and affirmed, she stayed in magodo estate.

I exclaimed, wow, then you’re close by.

But haven’t seen you around, i enquired.

She smiled and said maybe you’ve not been around that much.


I nodded, i requested she drop her digits.

So we continue this convo, in any safe haven soon.

Gave her my phone and we exchanged contacts.

On Saturday afternoon i gave her a ring, she picked the call, and i making jokes about how she’s made fall for her on the first sight..

It was love certainly, and i couldn’t stop thinking of her.

I asked her out on a date, but she reluctantly said yes.

I smiled in my mind.
On the date, as she ordered a menu but before we sipped some soft juice while we joke about how living in Lagos was.

After much sensual tease, we were into each other, we got this smooth feeling, i looked firmly into her eyes while she shyly took her eyes off. I knew she was in love, i held my gaze on her lips with a smile, reached out and kissed her.

i invited her over to my place, telling her how nice the balcony was and a nice wine to sooth her mood.

We got to my place, offered her a seat and i offered her juice but she said she preferred a glass of water instead.

She was tired to get home and it was raining badly.

I couldn’t help, my car was at the mechaninc workshop for engine tune up.

I asked her to take bath with warm water In the shower when she was done, i gave her some loose clothes and took her to my bedroom

She said she badly needed a massage at her back.
I told her i had skill in massage and it was her lucky day then i offered some of my skills.

In few minutes of massaging her back, she was moaning out loud, she was enjoying the stroking on her back.
My d*ck was getting erect, I couldn’t help it.


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So I fondled her b**bs, the more i squeezed it, the more she moaned, she would scream ouuuch, ahhh, licking her lips, i got on the bed and kissed her,
She smiled, and i started s*cking her n*pples, i would squeeze one while i sucked the other at intervals
She was getting f*cking wet already so she begged i s*ck her p*ssy

The plea was much, so i s*cked the life out of her existence creating utmost pleasure, i licked, sucked and ate her pussy; she was dripping w*t.
Her moaning alone could bring down the roof of a house

So she puts her hand in my shorts and dragged me to sit down.
While she takes out my dick and puts her mouth on it, giving me premium pleasure.
My legs shook at intervals, when brains were having sweet feeling of pleasure
When she was done I slid my d*ck into her p*ssy, and banged away.

She was enjoying the sweet pain
She couldn’t help it, but told me not stop, I was banging her from behind.

What a great view i said in my mind, she had cum all over my d*ck, as i was thrusting in and out of her p*ssy.

She was moaning, so we changed position, she had to lay me down, sitting on my d*ck, she was hitting me her big b**ty.

So I reached my climax and cummed all over her p*ssy.

With few kisses, we slept off.


Okechukwu Gabriel

Okechukwu Gabriel
Author: Okechukwu Gabriel

Smart and intelligent personality. Active listener and great learning skills.

Okechukwu Gabriel

Smart and intelligent personality. Active listener and great learning skills.

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